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Milne & Hull Cyberspace is an independent, integrated creative agency based in Johannesburg. Highly talented and extremely creative. We have enjoyed long term relationships with our clients. Whether we are designing their grand plan or the tiny detail, with us it’s all joined up.


Web Design

We have been providing web design in Southern Africa for over 13 years. We can take your business from a concept idea to a reality. Our focus is to translate your personality and ethos in ways you’re proud to share. In all the designs and communications that we create for you, we support you every step of the way.


Brand Identity

We are experts at building a image for your business that will leave your competitors wondering, how you did it. Keeping you in the loop, finding out what your Unique Greatness is, helping you learn what attracts the audience that brings the best out of you.


Web Development

We build websites and applications using the latest technology, that work at making you achieve the results your business deserves. We are Efficient, Effective and Reliable with the practices we have adopted.

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With our easy to contact support we are ready to help with set-up, mail errors, computer applications etc, just get in contact with our friendly service and we will have you up and running in no time.

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Email Services

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Social Media Management

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