Meet Our



Simon Milne

– Managing Director


As managing director, Simon is responsible for matters from finance and business strategy to creating and passing down an ethos of integrity and ambition. Simon Milne is a rocket scientist and has built many successful businesses that consist of a portfolio valued at over R2.2 Billion throughout many sectors.


Under Simon’s watch, Milne & Hull has grown year on year, meeting huge financial milestones, opening new offices, and rapidly expanding the team. He actively promotes the personal growth of staff and takes special care to ensure everyone has plenty of opportunities and feels valued.

Dylan Hull

– Technical & Development Director


His career has always revolved around web development, including systems, hosting, design and extreme passion for clients which remain core areas of his expertise and work. As the development director, Dylan oversees project delivery, manages the team and resources, and is responsible for application design.

Aaron Milne

– Sales Director


Aaron has always been involved in sales from a early age, and is very passionate about sales and delivering an immense work ethic to his clients. His understanding of customers speaks leaps and bounds coming from the financial sector and then joining his father in many businesses across there extensive portfolios. There is nothing that Aaron cannot find a solution to, with him where there is a will there’s a way.

Emile Milne

– Operations Manager


After studying at Stellenbosch University Emile joined his father and brother within in family business spanning across many sectors. Emile has an undeniably fantastic work ethic working 15-17 hour days to ensure all clients are taken full care of within what ever they require. Emile overseas the employees projects on a day to day basis ensuring our clients get the amazing work they have desired.

Our Team

Liam- Senior Web Developer
Andrew- Senior Web Developer
Byron- IT Engineer
Lauren- IT Engineer
Karen- SEO Specialist
Rebecca- Social & Media Specialist
Paige- Digital Marketing Specialist
John- Cyber Security Engineer
Ronnie- Business Development
Keith- Support Manager